WELCOME TO NIGHTQUEST An intermediate RP with no word count, based on the concepts of the three main albums (Once, Dark Passion Play, Imaginaerum) of the Finnish metal band, Nightwish.

Admin: Angelina
Co-Admin: Silver- Is currently taking a break from RP while she recovers from a heart catheter. I will let you know more about when she plans to come back from her break when I have a more definitive answer, but in the meantime PLEASE ASK ANGELINA IF YOU NEED HELP WITH ANYTHING ON NIGHTQUEST.

01.19.16 ALL YOUR PLOTS ARE BELONG TO US. If you haven't noticed the shiny new plotting forum to discuss possible plots for all species in all worlds scrolling past it to get to your threads, your probably should. As a way to get everyone involved in something or other, we're asking you guys to look at what we got and give us plots every species in every world can possibly be a part of. Go on and give us all your plots, guys!
12.29.15 OPEN PLOTTING. Any thread in a public forum is open for anyone to join, not just the ones marked open. Unless it is marked [PRIVATE], any thread is liable so long as the player wanting in on the thread asks the current participants first.
12.22.15 Soft reopening! Please keep in mind that the application process is subject to change until we officially get everything up, but if you don't mind making edits, go ahead and start working on apps and posting.<3

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